Carla Filipe Australian Artist 2019

‘Top 5 Australian artist for 2020’ – Hunter and Bligh

‘Based in Sydney, Carla Filipe is a visual artist that uses a range of materials to create free-hand designs. The artworks are described as eccentric, moving and imperfectly meticulous. Beautiful both from afar and up close, her pieces are adorned with a spectrum of shapes and waves of colours that magically cohere together; regardless if it’s featured in the bedroom, kitchen or living area, Carla’s artworks create a mesmerising environment perfect season round’.

The art I create is a statement of how I experience the world, which is namely through feeling and vibration. I use bold colour, abstract forms and line work to create natural worlds of fluid vibrancy. I want to capture the potency of pure joy that is inherent in each colour and the magical alchemy that occurs as forms and hues collide.

I paint mainly with vibrant colours as they awaken my senses, their vibrant hues creating magical worlds full of wonder and delight. When I paint on wood, I use a medium that renders the surface a shiny finish, giving the final artwork a ceramic tile feel. This shiny texture and the layering of paint, creates the impression that the artworks are alive, like they are quietly breathing. Put simply, they are doorways to a universe of possibility.

The art that I create has a vibrational healing and calm quality that enhances harmony to any interior space. These bold, colourful pieces look contemporary in a modern home, the vibrant forms bringing joy to a child’s room, or creating serenity in a healing centre.

Carla Filipe Australian Artist Sacred Ovum Life begins from within 2018 - mixed media on watercolour paper in situ


‘Hypnotic and grounding are the first words that come to mind every time I look at Carla’s ‘Sacred Ovum – Entering my light’. I have seen this artwork nearly everyday for the past 18 months and its effects have not dwindled. I actually find myself trying to capture glimpses of it when passing or when time permits deliberately sitting in the armchair outside my bedroom so I can lose myself it in. The appeal of Carla’s works is more than its beauty. It’s much more about the emotions the viewer experiences. Sometimes these are quite intense so I often wonder how Carla must feel when creating such a piece. I am so privileged to have Carla’s artwork and energy in my life.Rebecca

‘Absolutely love my new artworks! I had a space in our entrance hall which was just crying out for artwork but I hadn’t seen anything that would suit the space or more importantly, inspire me. I bought five of Carla’s amazing artworks which work so well in a line. The vibrant colours really do lift my mood as soon as I walk in the door. Carla was generous enough to let me take home all nine to see those artworks in-situ and decide which five I would choose – it was a hard choice! I think what struck me the most about the artwork, is the colours and the detail. Would highly recommend!’ – Shona

I love colour and I love beautiful things with meaning to surround myself with in my home. Carla’s piece that I bought is the first thing that I see when I step through the front door. I get this happy and peaceful feeling every time I see it and I’m delighted to own it’ – Petra

Carla-Filipe-Gaffa-Gallery exhibition

‘Urns of 2020 – Rising from the ashes’, exhibition at Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney

I’m so excited to be part of a beautiful body of work on show at Gaffa Gallery curated by Liz Carlino Amalfi (Ionica), 281 Clarence Street, Sydney, 10-21 December 2020.

‘Urns of 2020 – Rising from the Ashes’ brings together 30 artists, creating life and beauty from 30 urns, to raise money for 30 charities.

In the company of 29 other artists, we’ve each brought powerful statements to funeral urns, to honour what we would all agree has been an extraordinary year. From the ashes of the bushfires, through COVID-19 and the change, devastation, loss, fear and the collective coming together this has brought us, we have responded individually, bringing together a group of works that is breathtaking.

A silent auction of the works will deliver the proceeds to each artists charity of choice.

Carla Filipe Australian Artist Sacred Ovum Life begins from within 2018 - mixed media on watercolour paper in situ