Carla Filipe Australian Artist 2019

‘Top 5 Australian artist for 2020’ – Hunter and Bligh

The art I create is a statement of how I experience the world, which is namely through feeling and vibration. I use bold colour, abstract forms and line work to create natural worlds of fluid vibrancy. I want to capture the potency of pure joy that is inherent in each colour and the magical alchemy that occurs as forms and hues collide.

I paint mainly with vibrant colours on wooden board, using a medium that renders the surface a shiny finish, giving the final artwork a ceramic tile feel. This shiny texture and the many layers of paint, creates the impression that the artworks are alive, like they are quietly breathing.

The art that I create has a vibrational healing and calm quality that enhances harmony to any interior space. These bold, colourful pieces look contemporary in a modern home, the vibrant forms bringing joy to a child’s room studio, or creating serenity in a healing centre.

Customer Testimonials

‘Copy goes here, and here as well as here’ – Shona

I love colour and I love beautiful things with meaning to surround myself with in my home. Carla’s piece that I bought is the first thing that I see when I step through the front door. I get this happy and peaceful feeling every time I see it and I’m delighted to own it’ – Petra

‘Copy goes here, and here as well as here’ – Helen

‘Copy goes here, and here as well as here’ – Suki